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How to cover a party without going. Read this for the pictures and to watch an older powerful rich white man dance.

Watch out Lis Smith! A new book details some of the sexual preferences of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. They’re not pleasant and they involve choking. See the New York Post story here.

Finding a dead frog in a salad is just terrifying. The Wire‘s Alexander Abad-Santos has a story out today detailing frogs in food. You have to read this one.

Not enough sleep can make you fat and potentially crazy. Want to know the science behind not getting enough sleep? Want to not get fat and be depressed? Read The Atlantic‘s Seth Maxon here. He writes a shocking first person essay on what happened to him when he stopped sleeping. An excerpt: “While sleep deprived, I swung from profound bliss and satisfaction, laughing at Renaissance frescos, to deep sadness and rage, grunting like a gorilla one night in a Lucerne hotel room where I chucked empty glass soda bottles at my best friend’s head,” he wrote. Huh. Fun times! And no, Maxon is not locked up. His reasons for not sleeping were deeper than just wanting to act like a gorilla. In his story he explained… “When I tried to stay awake for as long as I could, I was an aggrieved, angst-filled teenager. I did it to show that I could, to prove something about myself, and to conquer some adolescent frustrations. I felt that I did not have much time on Earth, and death scared me.”

Do not supersize him! Dr. Andy Baldwin (the former “Bachelor” on ABC) tells HuffPost what you have to do to take care of yourself. He insists on 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Watch here.