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Obama lied about meeting his own brother

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And yes, I realize the headline is five words too long.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: President Barack Obama would lie about what he had for lunch. While he was eating lunch. He just likes saying things that he knows aren’t true. He feels compelled to do it, he knows he’s doing it, and he knows we know he’s doing it. That’s the whole point. He can say whatever he wants, right to your face. He doesn’t need a reason. Because what are you gonna do about it?

Even if you’re Obama’s own half-brother. Here’s Mark Obama Ndesandjo, describing to Laura Ingraham how it felt to hear Barry falsely claim to have met him only once:

Don’t take it personally, Mark. Your brother lies to, and about, all of us. Every single day.

(Hat tip: Andrew Johnson, NRO)

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