Wisconsin Catholic schools reject Common Core

Robby Soave Reporter
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Catholic schools all over the state of Wisconsin have decided to keep away from Common Core, the national education standards.

The Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin recently announced that its 15 elementary and middle schools would choose not to implement the new national curriculum. Bishop Peter Christensen’s decision follows that of several other Wisconsin dioceses, according to Catholic Education Daily.

In a statement, Christensen explained that while Catholic education officials should monitor the progress of Common Core in other schools, they should not be adopted.

“Parents entrust their children to our schools for a faith based, morally true environment of learning while providing training in skills that ensure future success,” he wrote. “Therefore, the Diocese of Superior will not adopt the Common Core Standards as a whole. ”

The Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin issued a similar statement rejecting Common Core.

Catholic education scholars have generally expressed skepticism that the standards are rigorous enough for Catholic schools, which tend to perform significantly better than their public school counterparts.

In November, 130 Catholic scholars sent every bishop in the country a letter of opposition to Common Core. (RELATED: Where do Catholics stand on Common Core?)

Common Core has already proven to be extremely divisive. Opposition to the standards and their related testing materials among conservative grassroots and teachers union rank-and-file members has forced lawmakers to slow implementation in a number of state.

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