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Cocaine congressman to apologize

“Inside GOP conference this morning, Rep. Trey Radel will apologize to his colleagues. He’s back in dc after being busted for coke possession.” — Politico‘s Jake Sherman.


HuffPost reporter fights back against his pub’s racy rep  

“The notion that huffpost is all viral videos, boobs and partisan bashing is idiotic.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein in reaction to Reid Cherlin’s story in Politico Magazine on the “Huffpo-ization of the Right.” Read here.



Would you date someone who hated pandas? 

The Takeaway‘s Todd Zwillich: “I went on a date with someone who hated pandas and they made a pretty good case.”

Politico’s Sherman: “Did you date [Politico’s John Bresnahan]?”

Zwillich: “I’ll never tell.”

Convo between two journos  

This morning’s conversation is between CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson and NBC4’s Scott MacFarlane on the Navy sending out  a strategy memo on how to deny reporter’s FOIA request. 

Attkisson: “That is an epic fail.”

MacFarlane: “In all my years trying to use FOIA, never experienced anything like this. Was jaw dropping.”


Chris Brown in court at 2 p.m. 

“Chris Brown and his ‘bodyguard’ due in DC court around 2:00pm this afternoon. Cue the fans and media circus!” — ABC7 morning anchor Jummy  Olabanji.

What in the hell? 

“Shoutout to my mom for texting me a text including the phrase “no regrets” when discussing how she lied about who my dad is for 22 years!” — VICE Weekend Editor Mitchell Sunderland.

TWINS: Jay Carney as Edward Snowden

“This could just be me, but Jay Carney with that beard sort of looks like what I imagine Edward Snowden would look like with a beard. No?” — Rachel Sklar, CNN Contributor, media blogger, lawyer.

TV reporter jarred back to work

“80 degrees yesterday in Pasadena, 10 degrees tonight in DC. Nothing like a nice, cold slap in the face to get ya back into work mode ; )” — FNC’s Shannon Bream.

Messing around

“So glad the Observer didn’t find out about my relationship with Cindy Adams.” — Talking Points Memo‘s Hunter Walker.


“Actual @rollcall lunchroom convo: can you wear an ascot with a turtleneck? @davidhawkings says yes.” — Emily Pierce, Deputy Editor, Roll Call.

Sadly, MSNBC journo socializes around the weather 

“Having more frequent conversations with strangers because of the cold.” — MSNBC “The Cycle’s” Ari Melber.

Irate Desk 

“Cool that if you call @comcastcares for service help they put you on a dial tone forever.” — Townhall Managing Editor Kevin Glass.


Know-it-all white male journos have been ranked!

“Know-it-all white male millennials, ranked: 5. @ezraklein 4. @pareene 3. @mattyglesias 2. Typical know-it-all WMM 1. @jbarro” — Josh Lee, a Capitol defense attorney in Little Rock, Ark.

17 reasons why BuzzFeed writer is sick of stale weather banter

Okay, maybe just one: “Worst part about today is everyone (including me) telling each other at length about all the clothing they put on before going outside.” — BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins.