Scott Brown throws punches in New Hampshire Senate race

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown wrote a fundraising email for the Republican Party of New Hampshire, the state in which he is considering mounting his political comeback, directly attacking his would-be opponent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

Brown, who was ousted from office in 2012, has been toying with a Senate run in 2014 against Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, though he has not yet made any commitment. He owns a house in New Hampshire — he completed the sale of his Massachusetts home on Wednesday — and he recently appeared at a fundraiser for the New Hampshire GOP.

The email, sent Wednesday afternoon, is signed by Brown and the header on the text says it comes from him. It viciously attacks Shaheen, urging people to “Help [the New Hampshire GOP] fight back against Barack Obama and Jeanne Shaheen’s liberal agenda by donating today,” but makes no mention of Brown’s own potential candidacy.

“Shaheen has been a loyal foot soldier for her party leadership and an automatic vote for the failed Obama agenda,” Brown writes, and goes on to attack Shaheen on, among other things, Obamacare.

“In November, New Hampshire voters get a chance to hold her accountable and replace her with a fiscally responsible candidate. But Republicans will need to launch a vigorous campaign against the millions of dollars in special interest money that Shaheen’s Washington allies are willing to spend to protect her,” he says.

Asked whether the attacks on his potential opponent forecasted any concrete action on Brown’s part, New Hampshire GOP spokesman Ryan Williams said it was simply another instance of Brown’s “generosity” to the party, noting that he also hosted the Holiday Party last month and donated $10,000 to the New Hampshire GOP.

“The party is grateful for Sen. Brown’s consistent support,” Williams said, saying the party “welcomes any party leader, elected official or candidate for major office who is willing to help raise money to defeat Jeanne Shaheen and other democrats.”

“We think New Hampshire Republicans will nominate somebody who can defeat Jeanne Shaheen,” Williams said, pointing to the “several candidates in the race at this point,” and noting that “there may be others down the road.”

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