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Journo frankly doesn’t always want cake (key word: frankly) 

“It doesn’t matter how you physically write a story because it’s always gone to the printing press. But the printing press is largely a gigantic symbol of the past. That saddens me to a large degree because I like picking up a physical newspaper on the Acela, or before I hop on my flight, and have something to read through. But even this Luddite gets most of his news from the Internet, and specifically Twitter. The physical paper is just icing on the cake, and frankly, I don’t always want cake. I draw the line with books. I have a library card and use it religiously, and if you go near my book collection, I’ll rip your head off and crap down your throat. Seriously.” — MSNBC contributor and Hypervocal contributor Jimmy Williams in a column today about journalists adapting to a new way of life and San Francisco Chronicle reporters being sent to social media boot camp. You need to read the full story here.


Something to remember in Juanuary…

“January brings out the best in everyone. Said no one ever.” — Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‘s political writer Salena Zito. (Juanuary is the month named after ABC “The Bachelor’s” Juan Pablo. So note to editors: Do not fix this. We’ll get sick of this soon. At least by the end of the month.)

As reported by HuffPost‘s senior media reporter Michael Calderone…Washington Post is on the prowl for Ezra Klein‘s replacement. Of course WaPo PR says he’s still working there and that’s it. Sigh. Find out who they’re grooming. Read here.

Sydney Elaine Leathers still being a thorn in Weiner’s ass 

“Taken by [Anthony Weiner].” — Film star Sydney Leathers in a tweet response to: “If my name was Richard, and I was a photographer, my email would definitely be”


Political strategist controls his otherwise murderous tendencies 

“I’m making real progress in my personal efforts not to get too worked up about politics. I was in the same room with the most evil person in Washington and one of my biggest political enemies today. AND I didn’t kill her! I am so proud of myself!” — GOProud founder, political strategist and Rare (you know, that website that makes it a practice to steer clear of gay marriage issues and being too hard on President Obama) contributor Jimmy LaSalvia.

Lefty radio host Bill Press: ‘Who the hell does Denis Rodman think he is?’ 

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t find Dennis Rodman funny anymore – and I’m sick and tired of his self-serving junkets to North Korea. Rodman doesn’t care that Kim Jung Un just ordered the murder of his own uncle. He’s over there again, on his fourth visit to North Korea, sucking up to the crazy little dictator. But this time, he’s really gone over the edge. Since November 2012, American citizen Kenneth Bae, a Christian missionary from Washington state, has been held in prison on trumped-up charges, accused of single-handedly plotting to overthrow the government of North Korea. The United States has been working for his release. But yesterday, on CNN, Rodman, in effect, said Bae was guilty – and Americans should just butt out of North Korea’s business. Who the hell does he think he is?” — Excerpt from Press’ Tuesday “Parting Shot” as posted on Facebook.



“A woman bundled against the cold walks past a homeless man in McPherson Square in Washington, DC” — Agence France-Presse. 


Blind Item

Which BuzzFeed reporter was overheard bragging about being on Salon writer Alex Pareene‘s Hack List? And who could be so douchey as to brag about something like that?