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Oklahoma may legalize things that vaguely resemble guns but aren’t actually guns

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Take heed, imaginary-gun-grabbers. A few meddlers in the Sooner State want to make it that much tougher to weed out future criminals among our children.


OKLAHOMA CITY – Schoolchildren in Oklahoma could not be punished for chewing their breakfast pastries into the shape of a gun under a bill introduced this week by a Republican legislator.

Rep. Sally Kern said Wednesday her measure dubbed the Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act was in response to school districts having policies that are too strict or inflexible…

“Real intent, real threats and real weapons should always be dealt with immediately. We need to stop criminalizing children’s imagination and childhood play,” Kern, Republican from Oklahoma City told News9.com…

Under Kern’s bill, students couldn’t be punished for possessing small toy weapons or using writing utensils, fingers or their hands to simulate a weapon. Students also couldn’t be punished for drawing pictures of weapons or wearing clothes that “support or advance Second Amendment rights or organizations.”

Telling kids that Americans have the right to speak freely and bear arms? Refusing to punish them for using their imaginations improperly? This is just crazy teabagger talk. How are be supposed to bring about Utopia if people are allowed to think in unapproved ways?

Shame on you, Sally Kern. Fascist!

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Jim Treacher