Frat dudes make pledges rub hot sauce on their crotches, clutch poop during ‘Hell Night’

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A student at the State University of New York at Canton in the furthest reaches of upstate New York has alleged that the fraternity hazing he and two other fraternity pledges endured near the end of last semester included rubbing hot sauce all over their crotches for several minutes.

But that’s not all ― far, far from it. The existing frat brothers of Zeta Alpha Phi, a local SUNY Canton frat, stand accused of a slew of actions during “Hell Night” in November, ranging from ridiculous, to vile, to really vile.

Zeta Alpha Phi pledge Bryan C. Lindsey has made the allegations, reports the Watertown Daily Times. The other two pledges are Brandon Pupp and Matt Kron.

Hell Night occurred on Nov. 6 at the dingy, dilapidated excuse for the Zeta Alpha Phi frat house at 72 Miner St.

“They started hazing us really bad,” Lindsey, 21, told police.

Lindsey said at one point he was taken to a bathroom where Zeta Alpha Phi member Samuel W.R. Monnat instructed him to fish some poop out of the toilet and eat it.

“If I was a true brother, I would eat it,” was the reasoning, Lindsey said.

And so Lindsey took the poop out of the toilet water. He said he then noted that eating it would be unhygienic. He said Monnat — or perhaps someone else — then told him to drop the poop, and he did, according to the Times.

Next, the three pledges had to chew a cocktail of Red Man chewing tobacco, hot sauce and other components for five minutes. When they spit that stuff out, they had to do the same thing with onions.

For their next trick, the Zeta Alpha Phi brothers allegedly made Kron and Pupp spit an egg yolk back and forth between their mouths without breaking the yolk. The two pledges had to try the feat a half dozen times before they finally were able to do it without the yolk breaking.

Next, Lindsey said, it was eggs cracked over the pledges’ heads along with hot sauce, shampoo and hair conditioner poured on their crotches. The pledges then had to rub the concoction around on their crotches for a good 15 minutes.

There was also the requisite pledge paddling and, according to Lindsey, some branding of current frat brothers. According to Lindsey, the guy wielding a metal coat hanger to perform “Z”-shaped brands was none other than a former local school district superintendent named Rolf A. Waters. One of the students Waters allegedly branded was his own son, Camron Waters — on a buttock.

Police have charged every member of Zeta Alpha Phi (all of seven guys) with causing physical injury to Lindsey, notes the Times.

SUNY Canton also conducted its own investigation and either expelled or suspended every member of the fraternity for a number of years. Also, the frat’s charter has been permanently revoked.

This story definitely isn’t the only incident of fraternity hazing gone terribly awry this school year. Last October, for example, a 19-year old fraternity pledge of Wilmington College in Ohio lost a testicle after a hazing ritual failed to go exactly as planned. (RELATED: Frat pledge loses testicle after hazing ritual gone wrong)

A member of Gamma Phi Gamma (another local fraternity, incidentally) flicked pledge Tyler Lawrence with a towel fashioned with a knot at the end for maximum pain infliction. Lawrence got hit right in the testicle. This was after an Icy Hot-like substance had been applied to his nipples, back and scrotum. He fell to the ground in agony but the hazing ritual nevertheless continued.

Frat members later took Lawrence to a nearby hospital because he complained about persistent pain after the ceremony was over.

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