Cruel, angry wave vs. reckless dancing woman [VIDEO]

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So here’s a real-life public service announcement reminding the world exactly why it’s always important to maintain a healthy, vigilant respect for the sea.

The event unfolded earlier this month on a beach in the Spanish city of Santander.

A huge, gurgling tide crashes against a high stone seawall and rages toward three women as they are walking on the beach toward a slanted concrete slab that leads up to safety atop the wall.

One of the women beats a hasty retreat up the slab. A second woman walks entirely too lackadaisically but she, too, makes it to the slab just as the wave hits her feet.

The third woman lags way behind. In her black, one-piece bathing suit, she skips, hops and dances in the face of the wave as it thrashes mercilessly down the shore.

As the wave hurtles directly toward her, she gets in one more little dance before dashing toward the safety of the wall. But it’s too late.

Almost as if out of vengeance, the wave grabs her by the legs, brings her down and sends her splayed body down the shoreline, pummeling her the entire way.

Onlookers gawk, horrified. One guy sticks his roughly four-foot umbrella down the roughly 12-foot seawall in a truly futile effort to assist the helpless woman.

Eventually, as the video ends, the woman bobs up a final time and the wave appears to peter out in the sand.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman was fine except for a few bruises and a severe case of humiliation.


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