Cop beats suspect with flashlight, says ‘Yeah, I [BLEEP] hit you’

Robby Soave Reporter
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A Salem, New Hampshire police officer was fired for beating a suspect bloody with a flashlight and then taunting him, according to local reports.

Officer Joseph Freda is also under investigation and could face up to five years in prison for his actions on October 6, 2013.

Freda was engaged in a high-speed chase with a suspect, Thomas Templeton. After catching Templeton, Freda took out his flashlight and beat the 39-year-old man until he was injured and bleeding. According to released documents, Freda then taunted Templeton, saying, “Yeah, I fucking hit you.” He also stepped on Templeton’s cuffed hands, according to Salem Patch. (RELATED: Cop punches woman in the face twice, department says it’s ‘defensible’)

Salem launched an investigation and suspended Feda in late October. Attorneys now believe the evidence against him is strong enough that he should be immediately and permanently removed from the force. So far, he has been charged with two counts of simple assault. (RELATED: Unbelievable: No indictment for cop who killed innocent, unarmed man after shooting him 10 times)

Salem has a “no tolerance policy with respect to excessive use of force,” according to Police Chief Paul Donovan.

Freda was also accused of excessive force in 2009. At that time, he was an officer for Brookline, New Hampshire.

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