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NBC boss suggests scotch for sick producer  

“One of my many bosses suggested I drink scotch to get over this annoying cold. I work for the best company y’all.” — NBC White House producer Shawna Thomas.

CNN social media accounts and blogs hacked

“The affected accounts included CNN’s main Facebook account, CNN Politics’ Facebook account and the Twitter page for CNN.Blogs for Political Ticker, The Lead, Security Clearance, The Situation Room and Crossfire were also hacked. The posts were deleted within minutes and the accounts have since been secured.” — a story on An example of what the hackers wrote on Twitter: “Syrian Electronic Army Was Here…Stop lying… All your reports are fake!” See the full story here.

The Media Critic 

“Chuck Todd giving Menendez probe BIG play. Only one in MSM thus far that I’ve seen.” — Breitbart NewsJohn Nolte.

The informer…“Inbox: WaPo’s Carla Correa leaving paper to become FiveThiryEight’s General Editor and the Social Media Coordinator.”  — WaPo‘s “reported” media blogger Erik Wemple, who helped drive Allbritton’s former TBD into the ground, with some news.

Overheard in the Newsroom

“Please retweet so people like me.” — Anonymous. (Have a tip of something you overheard in your newsroom around Washington, write me about it at or The

blinditemBlind Item

A certain editor around town better watch his or her step. Word on the street is that the publisher is none too pleased and has been voicing complaints to confidants in recent weeks. The publisher is said to be looking to replace the individual within six months. The person has a decent number of solid allies, so this could turn itself around. Or maybe it’s time to update the resumé.

Huckabee can’t seem to recall being at odds with RNC

“On Thursday, Huckabee said he couldn’t remember having disagreements with the official party in 2008. (The theme was a regular part of his stump speech on the campaign trail.) ‘I don’t remember tangling with the RNC,’ Huckabee told Yahoo News when asked about his comments that he would not be a Republican ‘clone.’ ‘I don’t remember that. Gosh, I’ve said a lot of things, all of which I’m sure I believed.'” — from a story by Yahoo! NewsChris Moody. Read the full piece.

And now…the bad news

“My apartment has neither heat nor hot water. TGIF.” — The Daily Caller‘s Alexis Levinson.


“The things people will write in an email, under their actual names, to a ‘reporter’, are really astonishing.” —‘s Hilary Sargent.


“Andrew Ross Sorken attempts to impress Supermodel Petra Nemcova [in Davos, Switzerland].” — Justin Solomon, CNBC Senior Field Producer. Sorkin is a columnist for the NYT.