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Al Roker should never, ever talk about poop

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Crapping one’s pants is something for which we should all have great sympathy. Really, who wants to do that much less cop to it? Hopefully no one. But the tragic reality is that NBC “TODAY Show” weatherman Al Roker did do this, in the White House no less, and admitted as much on Dateline. “I pooped my pants,” he told “Dateline NBC” in January, 2013. (He was referring to the apparent terrible side affects to having gastric bypass surgery. Apparently Roker thought he was passing gas. On a positive note: At least he had the good sense to break the news within the NBC family.)

So why is he still talking about poop? And shouldn’t he, well, STOP IT ALREADY and give our internal visuals a rest?


Perhaps Roker should take care of his own shit (pun intended) before casting aspersions against others, and yes, that includes dogs.