Carney’s mom made him shave his beard

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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White House spokesman Jay Carney shaved his beard only when his mom told him to do so, says Carney’s boss, Jennifer Palmieiri.

“His wife liked it, I thought it was terrible, the president has some derogatory things to say about it, but it wasn’t until his mother weighed in, and then he showed up Monday clean shaven,” said Palmieri, who is the White House communications director.

“I did [tell him to shave, but] I think it was his mother” who made the decision, Palmieri told the world during a televised event in D.C. hosted by Politico, a Virginia-based political publication.

Carney was out of town when Palmieri revealed the tidbit.

Obama’s speechwriter, Cody Keenan, has also grown a “fulsome beard,” Palmieri complained.

But the good news, she said, is that “he is going to shave it in pieces.”

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Neil Munro