Obama mails out his invoice for the State of Union speech

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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President Barack Obama gave his supporters a dish of warmed-over read meat in last night’s State of the Union speech, and he sent them the invoice this morning.

“I know this can be a breakthrough year for America… Make a commitment, and join OFA to call on Congress to get to work,” Obama said in his fundraising letter sent to supporters of his Organizing for Action group.

His email offered a link to a OFA fundraising webpage tagged as “Year of Action,” which echoed a line in Obama’s State of the Union Address.

The page urged supports to “[F]ight for it. Thanks for saying you’ll help make 2014 a year of action. Now, let’s take President Obama’s lead and get to work.”

Obama’s email exhorted his supports to action, and cited several of his 2014 campaign themes, but didn’t directly mention the 2014 election.

“You and organizations like OFA are working hard to keep us moving forward… We’ve seen raises in the minimum wage so more of our workers can earn a living wage. We’ve seen local governments taking strides to make sure women earn the same as men, and find new ways to train workers and create good-paying jobs,” said Obama’s email.

The letter, unsurprisingly, included some flattery of his supporters and a suggestion of what’s to come for the November election. “People like you… are the reason America is on its way back. Imagine what we can get done if Congress decides to join in.”

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