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Give a hoot, don’t commute

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Oh, public transportation is so great for the environment, is it, Al Gore? Or should I say: Owl-gore???

Michael E. Ruane, WaPo

The majestic snowy owl that has captivated Washington in recent days was apparently hit by a bus in downtown Washington early Thursday.

The owl was struck near 15th and I streets NW and brought by police to the National Zoo, where it was treated. The owl suffered a head injury and survived, but details of the incident remain sketchy…

Wild animals such as this snowy owl are provided care and released back into the wild by a state-affiliated, or in this case a District-affiliated, animal organization, the zoo said in a statement.

So it’s official: A damn owl got better treatment and more respect for his injuries from DC authorities than I did. They didn’t slap it with a phony jayhawking ticket or anything.

What do they care? There’s no chance an owl is going to vote at all, let alone for a Republican.

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