Sessions on GOP immigration principles: ‘Rank-and-file House Republicans are the last line of defense for working Americans’

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Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions slammed the House Republicans’ immigration blueprint released Thursday, saying that the task of halting the immigration reform agenda is now left to rank-and-file Republicans.

“Once again, we have the same recycled talking points —crafted, it would appear, with the help of the same consultants and special interests,” Sessions said in a statement Thursday evening. “Each time, the talking points are followed by legislation that fails to match the promises — legislation that, at bottom, ensures only the amnesty and not the enforcement. The leadership talking points look like an attempted repackaging of the tired Gang-of-Eight-style formula that has been proposed, rejected, and re-proposed for years.”

According to the Alabama senator, the principles satisfy Democrats and special interests desires, not Republicans or the American people.

“In three fundamental respects, the House leaders’ emerging immigration proposal appears to resemble the Senate plan: it provides the initial grant of amnesty before enforcement; it would surge the already unprecedented level of legal lesser-skilled immigration to the U.S. that is reducing wages and increasing unemployment; and it would offer eventual citizenship to a large number of illegal immigrants and visa overstays,” he said.

In that vein, the senator said that it is now up to the “rank-and-file” GOP members to stop what he sees as an agenda that will harm American workers.

“Rank-and-file House Republicans are the last line of defense for working Americans. Now is the time for rank-and-file House Republicans to claim the leadership mantle and to say, firmly: our goal is to transition millions of struggling Americans from welfare and joblessness to work and rising wages,” Sessions said.

“The President has not only dismantled enforcement but has delivered for a small group of special interests and CEOs by forcing through the Senate legislation that drastically surges the future flow of new immigrant workers competing against unemployed Americans,” he continued. “There is a reason why these increases are never mentioned in the slick TV ads and radio spots: the American people reject them. Americans earning under $30,000 prefer a reduction to an increase in current record immigration levels by a 3-1 margin. Republicans have the chance to be the one party giving voice to the real-world concerns of the everyday worker whose wages have been flat or falling for more than 10 years.”

“House leaders should support — not ignore —the immigration officers pleading for help. They should stand with — not against — unemployed American workers. And they should expose — not join — the President’s campaign to pass an immigration plan that will hollow out our shrinking middle class,” he concluded.

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