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The Hill’s ’50 Most Beautiful’ list is in limbo

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Last year The Hill celebrated its 10-year anniversary of the “50 Most Beautiful People” list. At its helm was Emily Goodin, who recently left the paper the communications department of the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives. Goodin received a vast amount of critiques for her list.

sanchezBut the big concern now is that the publication does not yet have a replacement head honcho to put this gargantuan pain in the ass project together. And seeing that the list is due out this summer, chop chop, time is passing before our eyes and the deadline for the list will be here before we know it.

Inquiring minds want to know… will the list happen this year? If so, who will run it? And if they do pull this off again, will it be as viciously ugly as last year’s list? One of my coworkers wondered if they’d be including deformed polynesian midgets again this year.

The Mirror reached out to The Hill‘s publicist. We heard that Judy Kurtz, the paper’s gossip columnist and daughter of Fox News’ Howard Kurtz, was being considered as a possible contender for heading up 2014’s list.

Publicist Elizabeth Luke dispelled that rumor, telling The Mirror,
“The Hill is definitely going to continue doing the list and it’ll be a group effort by The Hill staff, as it has been in the past. A specific editor has not been named yet.”

Huge sigh of relief that Washington’s famed “50 Most Beautiful” lives on another year. If by “group “she means the lead editor, the photographer, the designer and reporters begged to do a few bios each, then yes, it has been a “group effort.”

(Full disclosure: I created the feature when I worked at The Hill and ran it for five years.)