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Dana Loesch was on The View, which was weird [VIDEO]

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Not because Dana is weird (and even if she was, I’d never say so because she’s proficient with firearms), but because I was under the impression that the show was a no-conservative zone ever since Hasselbeck quit.

I don’t have any frame of reference for the following, never having watched more than 90-second clips at a time on the Web. But Dana did a good job of explaining why she’s a conservative. Which Baba Wawa expected her to defend, of course, because it’s The View. And of course, she was billed as “conservative talk show host,” because liberal talk show host is the default. And she was given the traditional greeting by the always-charming Whoopi Goldberg: “People were really pissed off that you were comin’ here.” Welcome to the mainstream media, Dana!

(Video courtesy of Right Sightings)

Hmmmm… Do Whoopi, Baba, the vaccine expert, and the other one even know how many people with guns surround them on a daily basis? I doubt they think about it much, or anything else for that matter.

Anyway. Good job, Dana! Trying to deal with those numbskulls isn’t a fate I’d wish on my worst enemy, but you handled it with grace and aplomb. I hope they have you back. For their sake. They might even learn something, as unlikely as that may be.

(Hat tip: Twitchy, of course)

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