Lunch lady threatens to shoot up middle school over batch of cookies gone wrong

A cafeteria worker is facing a criminal charge after she allegedly threatened to purchase an AK-47 and lay waste to the middle school where she works over a batch of cookies gone wrong.

Wendy Ferris made the threat — and others — on Friday at King Philip Middle School in the suburbs of Boston, reports local Fox affiliate WFXT.

Witnesses said Ferris, the school’s head cook, flew off the handle after a coworker re-baked some cookies because Ferris had overcooked the cookies the first time around.

At around 2 p.m., Ferris, 47, entered the cafeteria manager’s office in search of a band-aid and very unhappy that her batch of cookies had been too crispy.

According to the unidentified cafeteria manager, Ferris suggested that the school should find someone to replace her in light of the burnt cookies.

Then, witnesses said, she went berserk.

“I’m thinking about going out to buy an AK-47 and shooting this (expletive) school up!” she exclaimed, according to WFXT. She then left the office, muttering to herself.

Another cafeteria worker said Ferris had claimed a few hours earlier to have a list of people she doesn’t like very much. The school nurse was apparently at the top of that list because she had failed to greet Ferris appropriately.

The same cafeteria worker also claimed that Ferris, reportedly an avid hunter and a gun owner, had threatened to “buy ammo.”

Investigators later determined that Ferris owns a 9mm handgun.

On Monday, the lunch lady’s husband, Phillip Ferris, spoke outside the local courthouse, calling his wife “a great person.”

Since the incident, school officials have given Ferris days off in the way of paid administrative leave.

In a court appearance on Monday, Ferris pleaded not guilty, according to The Boston Globe.

Ferris spent the weekend in jail. She was released from jail on Monday after posting bail, which was set at $5,000.

Her next court date is March 11.

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