The Putin youth are puttin’ weird crap on top of people’s cars

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Katya Romanovskaya walked outside her Moscow apartment to a sizable surprise. The anti-Putin satirist discovered a gigantic wooden penis strapped to the roof on her car.

She and friend Arseny Bobrovsky write a popular Twitter account called @KermlinRussia. It makes fun of Putin, media control and Russian politics in general.

The culprits behind the veiny, like-life phallus are likely members of Nashi, a pro-Putin youth group founded after Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in 2005, reports The New Republic.

Nashi has a history of elaborate — thanks to the funding from that state — yet deeply immature pranks. Romanovskaya said when they tried to file a police report, the cops were just laughing and taking pictures. Eventually they got a tow truck to use its crane and remove the giant penis.

giant wooden cock on russian car

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