Got a phone with ‘Flappy Bird’? It might be worth $90K

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Twenty-four hours after the removal of the number one download from the Android and iPhone app stores, an iPhone containing the popular game “Flappy Bird” is being auctioned off on eBay for more than $90,000.

While most Flappy Bird-equipped devices range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars, one white iPhone 5S from seller “kristenater91” opened with a bid of $750 on Sunday and quickly reached $90,955 as of Monday morning, with less than 10 hours of bidding left to go.

The game was formerly offered for free on the app store, and made headlines last week after creator Dong Nguyen revealed in an interview the app accrued about $50,000 daily from in-game ads. Afterward, Nguyen tweeted he was unhappy with all of the media attention he garnered from the app, and as a result removed in from both Apple and Android stores over the weekend.

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