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Politico memo has sexy undertones

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Politico‘s internal memos may be the best thing to happen to Washington since MSNBC’s Chris Hayes left for Manhattan (God, how I miss seeing that geeky piece of liberal flesh in his brand spanking white sneaks at the Dupont Circle Cosi).

But I digress.

This morning Politico released a memo concerning their new “snazzed=up” version of their Driving the Day video series. What I like about this is it gives you a sense of who Politico sees as their top stars. They include Anna Palmer, Manu Raju, Phish-obsessed Jake Sherman and the deep-voiced Alex Burns, whose work Editor-in-Chief John Harris describes as “penetrating.”

The other great thing about this (and any Politico memo) is the self love is unlike any other publication. The compliments are relentless. The confidence, unwavering. For instance, Harris discusses their incredible chemistry and talks about the “deep talent” on their staff. Manu and Jake bring “unparalleled coverage,” while Alex “adds penetrating political analysis” and Anna “straddles” Capitol Hill and politics with her lobbying “expertise.”

Pretty sexual for a Politico memo.

In a news vein, Rick Berke, their new hotshot Executive Editor who replaced Jim VandeHei, who is now President and CEO of Politico and CapitalNY, will oversee video efforts as “part of his portfolio.” Berke has a portfolio?

Regardless, see the internal memo below. More importantly, check out the work.