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Bachmann pays tribute to five important years of the tea party [VIDEO]

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In this exclusive three-part video interview, Republican Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann combines feminine dignity, effective communication skills and a laser-like focus on the issues uppermost on the mind of liberty-loving patriots.

Here she offers a tour de force through issues of Benghazi, Obamacare, the Internal Revenue Service and Republican weakness.

In the last year of her fourth term in Congress after a run for president in 2012, a resolute Bachmann charges House Speaker John Boehner with squandering the party’s political capital gained in 2009.

“We had the wind at our back, when the tea party put the gavel in John Boehner’s hands in the first Tuesday of November in 2010,” she recalled.

Bachmann agrees with Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz’s opposition to Obamacare and joined with the majority of House Republicans over repealing or delaying Obamacare as a condition for funding the rest of government last fall.

“We are always right to fight back,” she said, as she recalled the pushback she got from leadership. She refers to Winston Churchill’s quote, “You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

On Obamacare, Bachmann lays out seven things candidate Obama should have told the nation about his massive health-care bill before he was re-elected, including the ballooning of American bureaucracy and queues for medical equipment.

Speaking passionately about the fallen Americans in Benghazi, Bachmann said, Libya is a place “where Barack Obama, without coming to Congress, unilaterally went to war.”

As for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “she had all of the warnings, just like President Obama did,” Bachmann said. “She has completely proved herself incompetent as secretary of state and would be a disaster for our country as commander in chief.”

More questions remain.

“Why, in the world didn’t our president, within a minute of finding out about our ambassador being under siege, why didn’t he order a military response?” she asks.

“Why did Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue the fiction that it was a fake, phony video that caused the problem with this outrage?” she asks. “Benghazi isn’t over.”

For conservative women, especially those who are lawyers, activists or mothers balancing their activism with raising families and preserving constitutional and traditional values, Michele Bachmann is a Margaret Thatcher-like leader. Celebrating the grassroots patriots who rose up five years ago with a rant by Rick Santelli of CNBC, Bachmann thanks the tea party movement that continues to influence Washington, despite political opposition from elites.

Watch Part 2:

Watch Part 3:

In a previous portion of the interview, she discussed the president’s lawlessness and the possibility of impeachment.

Grae Stafford and Brad Matthews contributed to this report.

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