Man BEATEN with icicle by hooligans during daytime robbery

Brad Matthews Contributor
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Thugs assaulted a man in Windsor, New York with an icicle during a daytime robbery Wednesday, according to Channel 12 WBNG.

On Wednesday afternoon, a young man knocked on 56-year-old Ken Birdsill’s door, asking to use his phone to call a cousin who attended a nearby high school.

Ten minutes later, the young man returned to Birdsill’s house. When Birdsill opened the door again, the thief assailed him with a hail of punches to the face, before a second man smashed an icicle into his head. Both demanded drugs and money and pressed a blade to the older man’s throat. Birdsill mollified them with some pills and around $80 in cash, according to Channel 12 WBNG.

State police say that the two men are driving a four-door Nissan, either grey or light-green, with damage to the front panel of the vehicle. The two suspects are white: one a six foot tall brunette with long hair, and the other five foot eight and blonde, according to Channel 12 WBNG.

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