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Harlem pastor says Obama is turning black men gay

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Goodness knows I’m not the biggest fan of Barack [REDACTED] Obama, but this is just ridiculous. He’s not responsible for everything.

Michael J. Feeney, NYDN:

A homophobic Harlem pastor is using a giant sign outside of his church to make yet another bizarre and shocking claim about President Obama, black men and homosexuality — and local residents are calling on him to take it down.

“Obama Has Released The Homo Demons On The Black Man,” states Pastor James David Manning’s bizarre sign, which was unveiled Sunday in front of the ATLAH World Missionary Church near the corner of W. 123rd St and Lenox Ave.

“Look Out Black Woman,” it continues. “A White Homo May Take Your Man.”


I have to disagree with the pastor. The president has been very clear on this one: “If you like your man, you can keep your man.”

So there were no gay black guys before Obama became president? Little Richard might have a laugh at that.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Pastor Manning has said something nutty about Obama. There are enough legitimate reasons to criticize Barry without making stuff up. Speaking of which, he was born in Hawaii. He just lied about being born in Kenya to seem exotic and stuff. Hope that helps!

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