The genius tribute to Dunkin Donuts you never knew you needed [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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The geniuses at #Ratchet Productions and Tal Ariel Productions have created a near perfect parody of Beyonce’s hit “Drunk in Love” by paying homage to one of the greatest things to come out of the Boston area: Dunkin Donuts.

With an almost shot-by-shot recreation of Beyonce’s video for her song, Reggie White and Adrian Anchondo, along with director Edwin Gonzalez show writhing around on a beach with donuts and the iconic Box O’Joe from Dunkin Donuts.

Since the actors and writers are based in San Francisco, they modified the song’s lyrics to fit how badly they wish Dunkin Donuts would come to the west coast. Some gems include:

“Never tired, always wired/I’ve been sipping this coffee, only thing that’s keeping me alive/Didn’t mean to squirt that jelly/I’ve been sippin coolatta/I want you on the west coast/Dunkin I want you right now/Can’t take my eyes off that sausage patty, I want you/Open allll nightttt.”

So grab a donut and enjoy:

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