‘Why are they making math harder?’ More absurd Common Core math problems

Robby Soave Reporter
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Another day, another absurdly difficult Common Core math problem finds its way to social media–this time, by way of a New York City DJ:

This Common Core math problem was posted to Instagram by a user who calls himself “DJ Paul,” and is evidently a DJ in Queens, New York. “WHY ARE THEY MAKING EASY MATH PROBLEMS MORE CONFUSING FOR KIDS THAN IT ALREADY IS!” he wrote, according to Twitchy.

While separating the answer into the hundreds, tens and ones column may be easy enough, the instructions leave much to be desired: “Use math drawings to represent subtraction with up to two decompositions and relate drawings to a written method,” they read. (RELATED: EPIC FAIL: Parents reveal insane Common Core worksheets)

The incomprehensible problems found in Common Core-aligned worksheets have been criticized by parents, teachers and kids. (RELATED: Can you solve this grammatically incorrect, impossible Common Core question?)

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