Anal sex is taking over campuses! Claims HuffPost. Citing exactly one column

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Anal sex is “the latest rage” on college campuses, according to The Huffington Post, which cited just one column written by a Washington State University sex columnist in defense of this thesis.

HuffPost Live interviewed WSU sex columnist Abigail Student, who recently opined:

“Modern men and women have gone off the beaten path by moving their entry point two inches south from that of their forefathers. Modern American couples have normalized the practice of anal sex. In the words of Frost ‘the road less traveled by’ has gained some serious traffic.”

That rode is being traveled more and more frequently at campuses nationwide, according to the segment, which was titled, “The Latest Rage on College Campuses is Apparently Anal Sex.”

HuffPost could not resist the obvious puns during its interview with Student.

“What is it about anal sex that makes it — pardon the pun — the butt of every joke?” asked HuffPost.

Student replied that butt sex is just inherently funny. Still, she encouraged students to join with the masses in engaging in the it — safely, and with two-party consent.

Indigo Trigg-Hauger, a sex columnist at the University of Washington, offered support for the “all the rage” theory of anal sex by mentioning that she received approximately one letter per month from a student interested in exploring butt play.

The third participant in the HuffPost Live conversation, Brown University student Nicha Ratana-Apiromyakij, said she was “pretty sure,” anal sex was happening on campus.

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