John McCain says Ted Cruz owes Bob Dole an apology for ‘President Dole’ line [VIDEO]

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor

Excerpt of the transcript:

“I spoke to Ted Cruz. He and I have a cordial relationship about this. And he can say what he wants to about me — and he can say anything he wants to, I think, about Mitt. Mitt is capable of taking it. But when he throws Bob Dole in there, I wonder if he thinks that Bob Dole stood for principle on that hilltop in italy when he was so gravely wounded and left part of his body there fighting for our country? Bob Dole is such a man of honor and integrity and principle. I hope that Ted Cruz will apologize to Bob Dole because that’s — that has crossed a line that to me is — leaves the realm of the politics and discourse that we should have in America.” (Emphasis mine.)