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Relax, America: Putin isn’t about to ruin Obama’s latest vacation

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Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, one question has loomed large from sea to shining sea: “How will this affect King Barry’s tee time?”

Not to worry, peasants. CNN:

The standoff between President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin isn’t preventing the U.S. leader from pressing forward with the ambitious domestic agenda he laid out in January’s State of the Union address…

The President also isn’t letting the incursion of Russian troops into Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula prevent him and his family from enjoying a weekend away from Washington, currently beset by cold temperatures and sloppy piles of melting snow.

While the White House signaled earlier in the week that a long-planned getaway in South Florida could be nixed due to overseas events, the official presidential schedule still shows the commander-in-chief and his wife remaining in Key Largo for the weekend…

Local media reports indicate the Obamas will stay at the Ocean Reef Club, a private compound that still enforces a dress code “designed to complement today’s more casual lifestyles while still respecting the Club’s longstanding traditions.” It boasts 36 holes of golf for the President to enjoy and spas and restaurants for his family.

And here I thought there might be a problem. Whew!

Once upon a time, it was considered very, very bad for the President of the United States to go golfing while important things were happening:

But that was back when criticizing the leader of the “free” world wasn’t racist.

In related news, Susan Crabtree of the Washington Examiner reports:

White House press secretary Jay Carney said he personally has no regrets that President Obama’s team poked fun at Mitt Romney for calling Russia America’s No. 1 geopolitical foe during the 2012 election despite this week’s Russian incursion into Ukraine.

Well, why would he? The point was to win, not to have the least idea what they were talking about.

You don’t go to Democrats for solutions to problems. You go to Democrats to be told what you desperately want to believe at any given moment. They’re awesome at that!

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