Alleged bank robber posts machine gun selfie on Facebook after heists

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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A Michigan man arrested for three alleged bank robberies last week may have accidentally tipped off police by posting a selfie on Facebook holding the same submachine gun type used in the thefts.

Jules Bahler, 21, of Pontiac is the prime suspect in the theft of $4,300 from Genisys Credit Union on Feb. 26, $4,000 from a Bank of America on March 4, and $7,000 from a Chemical Bank on March 5, The Smoking Gun reports.

Police came to that conclusion after finding Bahler’s Facebook page, where on March 5 a “King Romeo” posted photos of himself holding the same type of gun used in the crimes and wearing similar clothing. Investigators also matched up Bahler’s appearance with that of the suspect caught on a surveillance video.

As if the gun wasn’t enough, “King Romeo” seemingly incriminated himself further by posting a picture of a house he claimed to have just bought in Pontiac. Police staked out Bahler’s home and arrested him on Friday.

During the course of the day police found the gun in Bahler’s car, the clothes seemingly worn during the robbery in his home, and got a full confession from Bahler after he waived his rights.

Bahler has been charged with bank robbery and using a firearm during a violent crime.

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