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BOLD QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Pussies.” — The Sunday Times’ Toby Harnden in react to this from the Telegraph: “US family forced to lock themselves in a bedroom and call 911 after their cat goes beserk [sic]”

Happy Birthday today to CNN’s Jake Tapper who went on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show last night. Here he is discussing the changing landscape of journalism: “Just as the media world has broadened and there have become so many more outlets, there have become, there have been so many more opportunities for people of different ages. And it is a true meritocracy. And whether it’s Jamie or you look at somebody like Ezra Klein or somebody like Sam Stein, or there are so many opportunities that it’s really just based on the work. It’s not based on the, you have to come to the Washington Post and work on the copy desk, and then you have to move out to Fairfax, Virginia and work on the local paper for ten years, for the local edition, and then finally you’ll get your shot, and then maybe when you’re 65, you’ll be a name. It’s just a totally different world. But if you look at who anchors the evening news shows for the networks, there’s still some traditional sense of age being important, I think.”

Alan Grayson is not a wife beater! “Grayson may have called a woman a ‘K Street whore’ once, but as far as we know, he is not a wife-beater.” — Washington Examiner’s Ashe Schow. Read full post here.

Clinton aide calls Washington Post a “blog” 

“I think it’s horseshit. I think The Washington Post is acting like some kind of an Internet blog or something instead of doing real reporting,” — Burns Strider, longtime Hillary Clinton aide to National Journal‘s Elahe Izadi on the implication of Minyon Moore, a close Clinton confidante being involved in a D.C. corruptions scandal involving illegal campaign contributions. Read full post here. Strider added of the confidante, “Minyon—she’s got more character in her high heels than this whole town does put together.” Strider, the colorful quoter, hails from Mississippi. A million years ago he was press secretary for Rep. Ronnie Shows (D-Miss.).

In Miami tonight? 

“If you’re in Miami area tomorrow night, swing by @BooksandBooks on Aragon Ave. in Coral Gables at 8 pm to catch me & @amieparnes rap on HRC.” — Bloomberg‘s Jonathan Allen on a book he co-wrote with The Hill‘s Amie Parnes. The book is HRC: State Secrets and Rebirth of Hillary Clinton.

President Obama messes with the press at the Gap in Manhattan 

From a Tuesday White House Pool reporter by WSJ’s Colleen McCain: “Although the employees tried to sell Obama on signing up for a Gap card — which would have made him eligible for a discount — the president declined. ‘I’ve got one card,’ he said as he presented his credit card. Obama said he doesn’t always carry his wallet but made sure to bring it for this excursion. When Sonya told him that he could swipe his own card on the countertop card reader, Obama quipped, ‘Oh wow. So, you can sign the machine?’ As the reporters in the pool started scribbling, he said he was teasing, adding, ‘They had these around the last time I shopped.'”

Reporter’s eerie flight to Malaysia 

“My MalaysiaAirlines flight to KL last night 1 of eeriest & empiest I’ve flown. Over Gulf of Thailand crew stared out @ water for friends.” — The Telegraph‘s Shanghai correspondent Tom Phillips.


Black D.C. reporter has trouble getting cab

“Capitol hill cabbies are definitely the ones that’ll go most out of their way to avoid a brotha. Very annoying.” — Washington Post .  HOUSE-OF-CARDS_510x380

Columnist hates fake southern accent in House of Cards

“I love House of Cards and all. But damn I hate bad fake southern accents. Either cast real southerners or write them as coming from north.” — No Labels founder Mark McKinnon, also a columnist for The Daily Beast and the Daily Telegraph.