Man planning to sue his rescuers possibly in the country illegally [VIDEO]

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The man who is planning to sue the rescuers who saved his life from a submerged car for $500,000 is likely in the country illegally, according to a comment given by the man’s lawyer to Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson.

Colorado rescuers saved Roy Ortiz from a submerged car in September, but now, Ortiz and his lawyer Ed Ferszt have filed an intent to sue the very first responders who saved Ortiz’s life. Why? Because they believe the rescue took two hours because the divers did not know Ortiz was alive in the flipped car.

“Of course he was thankful because those divers did have a major role to play in saving his life that day,” Ferszt told Denver’s ABC affiliate earlier this week. “That doesn’t negate the fact that a mistake may have been made. I can understand why there’s a lot of furor over people thinking that he’s biting the hand that feeds. Does that mean that officers of North Metro Fire are above reproach?”

The possible lawsuit has generated a flurry of media attention, with Ortiz and his lawyer giving interviews to national news outlets.

During an interview with Carlson Wednesday, the Fox News host raised the question of Ortiz’s legality.

“That has no bearing on this case and it certainly doesn’t prevent him from presenting any civil claims and that’s completely irrelevant to the matter at hand,” Ferszt protested to the question.

Carlson followed his protestation up by saying Ferszt told her that he believed Ortiz was not here legally.

“Okay, well you told me earlier in the commercial break that you believe that he is undocumented and that he is not here legally in this country,” Carlson said as the segment ended.

Ferszt did not respond to The Daily Caller’s requests for comment.

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