New evidence of foul play in missing Malaysia Airline Flight 370

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Two sources close to the investigation of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 said Friday that they are considering foul play after new radar evidence indicates the plane was purposefully flown off-course by someone with aviation experience.

Military radar evidence has surfaced of an unidentified aircraft following well-known air traffic waypoints routes toward the Middle East and Europe, Reuters reports. After breaking all contact between changing over from one air traffic control tower to another, the Boeing 777 carrying 239 people made a sharp turn west before hitting three mainstream waypoints toward the Middle East, Thailand, and finally northwest toward the Indian Andaman Islands — a route designated for flights to Europe.

The new radar evidence comes one day after U.S. officials announced data transmitted automatically from the plane’s Rolls Royce engines to the ground indicated that the flight flew another four hours after disappearing from radar and losing its transponder location signal.

Malaysian officials refuted that evidence, saying they received no signal from the aircraft after 1 a.m. early Saturday morning after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur en-route to Beijing. Officials have yet to respond to the new radar evidence announced Friday.

A third Reuters source said the possibility that someone “deliberately diverted flight” hundreds of miles off course is an angle in the investigation.

“What we can say is we are looking at sabotage, with hijack still on the cards,” an anonymous senior police official said.

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