O’Reilly tells Letterman what guest he most wanted to punch

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Fox News star Bill O’Reilly appeared on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman” Friday and revealed which “O’Reilly Factor” guest he most wanted to punch:

Letterman: Have you ever taken a swing at anybody on the show?
O’Reilly:  No. Barney Frank I came close.
Letterman: You taken a swing at Barney Frank!
O’Reilly: He was on the satellite so it would have hurt my hand.
Letterman: But good Lord, Barney Frank of all people?
O’Reilly: Yea, Barney.
Letterman: Oh for God’s sake, Bill.
O’Reilly: He wasn’t telling the truth.
Letterman: Oh my goodness.
O’Reilly: He was fibbing.
Letterman: You should get a big tough guy on there and punch him.
O’Reilly:  Yea, who?
Letterman: I don’t know, but not Barney Frank. Has Barney ever hurt anybody?
O’Reilly: I don’t know, but Barney wasn’t telling the truth. It gets me riled up, you know that Dave. It gets me riled.

O’Reilly was likely referring to his fiery exchange with the former Massachusetts congressman in 2008 over Frank’s role in the financial crisis.


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