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18 potential first ladies for MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Twice divorced Joe Scarborough, star host of the MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” spent the weekend hobnobbing in Nashua, New Hampshire for the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference . You know, giving speeches, shaking hands, seeing what the reception towards him would be. The reviews are mixed. While the Daily Mail says the reception fell flat– the pub used the word “underwhelmed” – Scarborough’s own Twitter feed displayed incredible compliments, which were then retweeted by the presidential hopeful. His own summation: “Had a great two days in NH. Signed hundreds of books and had an overwhelming reception. Wow! Thank you, NH GOP.” Overwhelming, huh. So this must all mean he’s seriously weighing a bid for the White House in 2016, right? If true, he’ll need a first lady by his side and we think Mellie Grant from ABC’s Scandal, while unhappy, is just not available or all that stable. Which got us thinking, who should she be? We have 18 possibilities.

18.  Mika Brzezinksi as”Jane Fonda”


17. Mika Brzezinksi as “Julia Roberts”

julia roberts

16. Mika Brzezinksi as “Emma Stone”


15. Mika Brzezinksi as “Carly Rae Jepsen”

carly ray jepsen


14. Mika Brzezinksi as “Heidi Klum”


13. Mika Brzezinksi as “Amanda Bynes”


12. Mika Brzezinksi as “Beyoncé”


11. Mika Brzezinksi as “Ashlee Simpson”

Ashlee Simpson

10. Mika Brzezinksi as “Jennifer Aniston”


9. Mika Brzezinksi as “Kerry Washington”

kerry washington

8. Mika Brzezinksi as “Jenny McCarthy” (this one could really work)


7. Mika Brzezinksi as “Megan Fox”


6. Mika Brzezinksi as “Paula Abdul” (a great option if she’s looking for a big change).


5. Mika Brzezinksi as “Madonna”


4. Mika Brzezinksi as “Pink”


3. Mika Brzezinksi as “Miley Cyrus” (probably not a great pick for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Perhaps for Halloween).


2. Mika Brzezinksi as “Sarah Jessica Parker”


1. Mika Brzezinksi as “Hillary Swank” — by far, our favorite hair style and hue for Mika as the first lady.