Feds spend millions dressing creepy students up as fruits, vegetables

Robby Soave Reporter
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The federal government gave nearly $5 million to the University of Tennessee in support of its creepy healthy-eating campaign, which dresses students up as fruits and vegetables and films them terrorizing the residence halls.

It’s called “Get Fruved.”

The campaign already has a website and YouTube account, where it has posted several “Get Fruved” videos. The videos feature college students disguised as various fruits and vegetables, such as grapes and carrots.

In one video, the male student in the grape costume approaches a female student and says, “You’re looking grape today!”

The goal of the campaign — which was generously subsidized by taxpayers to the tune of $5 million — is to convince young people to adopt healthier lifestyles.

“These grants fund critical research that will help USDA and our partners implement effective strategies to support America’s next generation so they can have a healthy childhood and develop healthy habits for life,” said USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack in a statement.

Or, as the website puts it: “You can go fruve yourself.”

Most of the campaign is designed and run by students. The grant for the project was made through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

CNS News sarcastically noted: “If a college student dressed up as a giant bunch of grapes jumped out of the shadows and told you to ‘get fruved,’ what could you possibly say?”

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