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Pub bans concealed gun carriers, calls them a bad name

Sam Scorzo Contributor
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If you carry and conceal a gun when you go out, you’re automatically a douchebag and unwelcome at South Carolina’s Backstreets Pub and Deli.

The owner, who has only identified himself as Pete, recently posted a sign on the door of his business stating: “NO CONCEALED WEAPONS ALLOWED. If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I do not want your business. Douchebag.”

The sign prompted immediate reaction from proponents of the Second Amendment, who have since then called a boycott on the Clemson, S.C. bar and swamped its Yelp page with hundreds of bad reviews.

The overwhelming number of reviews has driven the pub’s three-out-of-five star ranking to a lowly one-star ranking.

The owner, however, is unfazed by the pages of negative criticism and told WYFF News Channel 4 that his business has been standing for over 20 years and that “we’ll get through it.”

Pete, a self-described “conservative Democrat” and a concealed carry permit holder, claims he has been a registered gun owner since 2001, and said the sign was temporary, but added, “Sorry, but I’m not sorry. If you feel the need to bring a gun into a college bar, you are a douchebag. And if you’re drinking, then you are violating the law.”

The law referenced passed in 2013 and allows people with permits to carry and conceal guns in restaurants as long as they refrain from drinking.

“There are cops everywhere. Cameras everywhere. Guns have no place here in a college town,” Pete told The Washington Times.

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