Obama wins place on Lakers’ roster from Kobe Bryant

Neil Munro | White House Correspondent

Basketball star Kobe Bryant says President Barack Obama’s hoops game is good enough to get him on the Lakers’ roster.

“Yes, he could actually,” Bryant told Dan Patrick, a radio DJ.

“I’m not dissing the current roster that we have,” Bryan said March 19. “It is more a sign of respect for the skill that the president possesses,” he explained.

Bryant’s sincerity or his professional judgement, however, may be incomplete.

Last April, Obama played a picked game, but only made 2 of 22 shots, much to the embarrassment of everyone involved. That’s only 9 percent of the videotaped shots.

“Miss. Miss. Off the rim. Miss. Miss. Off the rim. Airball,” according to the pool report.

“But time and again, he missed. Of 22 shots POTUS took, he made two. (22 was general consensus of poolers).”

Bryant explained his tongue-in-cheek praise for Obama’s game. “I haven’t seen [Obama] really elevate on his shot… he would be like the left-handed version of like, of Michael Adams, yeh, how about that one?”

”I think Nate Archibald is probably a better [comparison]… he did lead the league in scoring, I’m sure you know the president would lead the White House games.”

The closest Obama has come to a real sports competition is throwing out the first baseball. But the videotape of his 2010 pitch shows that he rates far behind the 2001 pitch from former President George W. Bush — who had the advantage of running a baseball team for several years.

Bryant’s generous compliment came when he was touting Obamacare on behalf of Obama.

Obamacare “is a great cause,” he said.

“I got a call from the White House Chief of Staff of staff, and we talked a lot about it and wanted to know if was something I would be interested in talking about it,” he said. “There are so many young men out there who have not signed up.”

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