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The New York Times‘ Apple ad oopsy… If you had loved ones on board that Malaysian flight, this would not be a comforting thing to see.

Michelle Obama blogs for The Bump If you’re into Mommy sites, you might like seeing Michelle link to her husband’s health care law a bunch of times. See here.

Pretty funny lead from a Gawker writer… Adam Weinstein writes, “Oh, Rummy, Rummy, Rummy. You’re senile, you’re white, you’re conservative and entitled, so it sort of makes sense. But you don’t just say these things out loud, old man.” Read the story here. You’ve gotta love ageism and potential racism all in one sitting.

The Senate’s biggest press hound may not have thought things through… So says an editorial in the Washington Examiner saying that Sen. Chuck Schumer‘s (D-N.Y.) Free Flow of Information Act may not actually end up help protect journalists and their sources. Check out their reasoning.

Trouble in first lady paradise… Reid Cherlin has a story in The New Republic about the hardships of working for Michelle Obama. His fascinating full disclosure: “I worked in the White House press operation until March of 2011, but rarely worked closely with the East Wing.” A sampling of the awfulness inside the East Wing: “The first lady’s office can be a confining, frustrating, even miserable place to work. Jealousy and discontentment have festered, as courtiers squabble over the allocation of responsibility and access to Mrs. Obama, both of which can be aggravatingly scarce.” And ouch, this from an ex-aide: “The first lady having the wrong pencil skirt on Monday is just as big of a fuck-up as someone speaking on the record when they didn’t mean to or a policy initiative that completely failed,” says another former aide.” Uh oh. Her aides have to be thankful she’s still in China. Read the full piece here