The awkward end of Obama’s presser [VIDEO]

Danny Huizinga Freelance Reporter
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Correction: This article originally reported that the silence ensued after a Wednesday speech. The silence actually ensued after a Tuesday press briefing, where applause is less common.

After President Barack Obama concluded his Tuesday presser at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, Netherlands, an awkward silence ensued. Some rustling could be heard as people began to leave, but only one person attempted — and failed — to begin a slow clap.

Obama nodded to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and ending with a simple, “OK.”

The European trip has already been plagued with controversy after The Guardian reported on the president’s 900-person entourage, costing the Belgian government more than $10 million for his 24 hours in Brussels. Three secret service agents were also sent home after a night of drinking in Amsterdam, reports The Washington Post.

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