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By the way, North and South Korea are now trading artillery rounds

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Jack Kim, Reuters:

North Korea fired more than 100 artillery rounds into South Korean waters as part of a drill on Monday, prompting the South to fire back, officials in Seoul said, but the exercise appeared to be more saber-rattling from Pyongyang rather than the start of a military standoff…

More than 100 North Korean shells out of 500 or so fired landed in South Korean waters, prompting marines from the South to fire back with more than 300 rounds into the North’s waters, defense officials in Seoul said…

In Washington, the White House called North Korea’s actions “dangerous and provocative” and said the country’s threats and provocations only isolate it further.

That’s definitely the way to appeal to Kim Jong-un: “If you don’t stop it, we won’t be your friends. Which we’re not now and we’ve never been. But still. You don’t want us to start a hashtag campaign against you, do ya?”

Too bad we can’t send the IRS after him. If we want Obama to start taking North Korea seriously, we should tell him they’re being funded by the Koch brothers. Unless lefties are saying that already? They’re probably saying that already.

We live in a world where an autocratic demagogue with no governing experience can just do whatever he wants without consequence. And then there’s Kim Jong-un.

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