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BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson may get swallowed by a selfie

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Does BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson need a selfie intervention? Who does he think he is, Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars?

But we’ve gotta hand it to him. He achieved two extremely impressive acts for the D.C. media scene the other night. 1. He obsessed about selfies with lawmakers and even included his audience. And 2. He name-dropped a This Town party and rubbed elbows with a bunch of Washington politicians.

Don’t let anyone kid you — Johnson is developing a serious selfie addiction. It must not be fed under any circumstance. So when he innocently asks for a selfie with you, politely decline and back away slowly. You have no idea what you’re dealing with here.

A brief scan of his feed (until we grew sick with sorrow as we saw how much selfie talk there really is) shows that selfies dominate his days. “Selfie with @farenthold as per Twitter request. Special photobomb by Mrs. Farenthold,” he wrote this week. And just this morning he announced his defiance toward his bureau chief John Stanton: “DC, while @dcbigjohn is away you can eat as much Chipotle and take as many selfies as you want.” 

Please people, don’t encourage this. Stanton, who routinely wears a chain on his belt loop, will return and it won’t be pretty.