Bowdoin College publicly displays pictures of naked female students posing in groups, because art

Katie McHugh Associate Editor
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A small student body in Maine just became a naked student body — at least, its female parts.

Bowdoin College, a private liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine, opened the “Celebrating Women, Celebrating Bodies” exhibit featuring naked photos of its female students on Thursday night.

The photos are prominently displayed on campus in the Larmarche Gallery, which is located within the David Saul Smith Union. It’s open throughout the day, and is accessible to male students, professors and administrators alike.

Older male professors will now be able to gaze upon their young, female students both clothed in the classroom and naked in large photographs displayed in a public space. The girls posed with pizza slices, longboards, Frisbees, or just “hung out” completely in the nude, according to Laura Anderson, the senior who organized the photo shoot.

Anderson did not address this new step forward in female empowerment during her interview with The Bowdoin Daily Sun, but instead excitedly discussed how girls standing around naked together in full view of men was “really neat.”

“I think that was a really cool experience for friends and for teams together,” Anderson gushed. “We got a lot of feedback that it was a really neat thing to do with friends, because it’s a whole new level of intimacy and really seeing one another.”

None of the female students interviewed by campus media seemed to mind being ogled.

“You can choose to see the exhibit as the naked form, but I think it goes so much further beyond that,” student Annisa Tanksley told The Bowdoin Orient. “It is women… celebrating themselves and the nature of their body,” presumably along with the men checking them out.

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