Random dude texts Vance McAllister, he responds [PHOTOS]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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After video surfaced of Rep. Vance McAllister making out with a woman who was a) not his wife and b) his staffer, a random person texted the congressman to see how he was holding up.

Someone calling himself “Teflon Man” (which is presumably a pseudonym, but who knows) emailed Gawker with screenshots of a text message conversation that was allegedly between McAllister and himself.

McAllister and Teflon Man do not know each other, but that did not stop the congressman from responding at length.

This is what went down:

McAllister 1 copy

Heath Peacock is the husband of Melissa Peacock, the scheduler who the congressman made out with and then fired. According to the Ouachita Citizen, the Peacocks and the McAllisters have been friends for years.

McAllister 2 copy

After responding several times to an unknown number, McAllister seemed to realize that this was not a great idea.

McAllister 3 copy

And then he finally decided to stop responding, which was the smartest decision he has made in months.

McAllister 4 copy

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