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Alec Baldwin has advice about your media diet

“One should restrict their media diet like no other. Yes to @WNYC , @LaphamsQuart, @nytimes, @democracynow, @Harpers The ones to ignore are…. well…. you can guess. Add abcnewsblog to Breitbart, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail as …challenged.” — Ex-MSNBCer and actor Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin, who is really trying to keep a low profile these days, got into a Twitter fight Wednesday with Garrett Jackson, a former aide to ex-presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Naturally Baldwin had something to say, especially after ABC News and later HuffPost covered the battle.

Speaking of Alec…

“Why don’t performers like @AlecBaldwin and @brucespringsteen just stfu? we’re trying to enjoy your work, but no one cares what you think.” — TWT and Drudge’s Joe Curl.

It’s official: MSNBC letting ScarJoe give New Hampshire speech 

“MSNBC allows @joenbc to give NH GOP keynote as ticket price dropped to avoid being seen as fundraiser.” — HuffPost’s Michael Calderone with the story at 11:32 p.m. last night. The fee for the event, the Cheshire County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner, has been dropped to $25. MSNBC says it’s not a fundraiser.


Overheard in the newsroom

“Fucking hell…” — Anonymous reporter with an accent.

Editor frightened by email from Newt Gingrich

“Just got an email from Newt Gingrich with the subject line: ‘Lessons from the Mayans’ and I’m filled with terror.” — Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall.

Translation: deranged poetry? 

(Henneberger is a reporter for The Washington Post. Muffet McGraw is head women’s basketball coach at Notre Dame.)

UnknownRoyal peeing 

“Just a reminder that Kate Middleton has probably peed in the shower once or twice.” — Joel Pavelski, social media editor, New York Post, who provides no proof on the matter.

Ok, fine, back to Alec Baldwin: Editor lashes out at the actor 

“Waa. Your life is so hard, man. Please stop whining about the bed you made. It’s really gross for you do so.@ABFalecbaldwin” — Breitbart News Texas “Bureau” Chief Brandon Darby.

High hopes 

“By the end of today, I hope to be able to accurately spell ophthalmologist on the first try.” — Sarah Kliff, senior editor, Vox Media.

Larry King semi-endorses a new kind of suspenders 

“Great idea! No slip suspenders – terrific look! Worth a try.” — internet talk show host Larry King. See here if you must.