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Trey Gowdy opens up a can on Lois Lerner

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The can is marked Whoop-Ass, and it’s economy size.

Courtesy of the Right Scoop:

“Can you imagine, Mr. Chairman? Can you imagine a fact pattern where somebody takes the stand and says, ‘I didn’t rob the bank. But I’m not gonna answer why my fingerprints are on the demand note. And I’m not gonna tell you why I’m on the surveillance footage with a gun in my hand. And I’m not gonna tell you why the dye pack blew up in my car. I’m just gonna tell you I didn’t rob the bank!’ That’s not the way our system works.”

Very, very little of what we’ve seen over the past five years is how our system works. These guys only care about how the system works when they can use it to hamper the people who still believe in it. Rules and laws are for the other guy.

Now it looks like Elijah Cummings and Lois Lerner have been colluding this whole time, and Lerner was angling for a job at Organizing for America, a tax-exempt, “non-partisan” group over which she had oversight.

Hey, why not? Why would they think the rules and laws apply to them? Why wouldn’t Cummings lie his ass off and try to hamper the investigation into his own wrongdoing? Why wouldn’t Lerner conduct a partisan witch hunt to get in good with her utterly corrupt overlords? Why wouldn’t these creeps abuse their power?

Don’t worry, though. Eric Holder will do the right thing.


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