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What Passover is all about, right? 

“Guess how many Passover seders I was invited to tonight? 0. Because the media isn’t run by Jews. It’s run by bad Jews. My grandfather used to tell me I wasn’t jewish enough & that my mother & father were awful parents. But the joke’s on him bc he’s dead now.” — Mother Jones Engagement Editor Ben Dreyfuss.

“If your face looks just like that of Anne Frank & you have the body of a 12 year old boy, I’m just not that into you.” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, ex-sexting partner to failed New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner.

Quote Taken Entirely Out of Context 

“I have a pound of makeup on and I feel faaaaaa-bulous.” — TheBlazeT. Becket Adams.

The Observer

“There is a block long line just to enter Trader Joe’s. Are people just not aware of other grocery options, or just have that much free time?” — Mandy Jenkins, most recently of Digital First Media.


That lewd tweet from U.S. Airways 

“Whoa. The thing US Airways tweeted isn’t just NSFW. It’s not safe for eyes.” — NYT‘s tech writer Farhad Manjoo.

Travel Bitches 

“Always concerning when the pilot warns everyone they should pee now cause we’re gonna be on the Tarmac for a long time.” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton.

“Cool. Stuck in Dallas for the night. Thanks @united, you fucking cocksuckers.” — More from Leathers.

After getting Twitchy’d, Josh Barro defends his tweet about U.S. Airways


“This is so stupid I don’t even know how to explain why it’s stupid to someone who doesn’t understand how stupid it is.” — NYT‘s Josh Barro.  Honky Tonk Infidel replied, “Yes @jbarro there is something dumber than @TwitchyTeam. And if you fetch a mirror, you will find it.” Barro: “A stupid mirror?” The Guardian‘s Ana Marie Cox tried to comfort him, saying, “It will pass, the site’s contributors have the attention span of… hey did you realize it’s called ‘Twitchy’?” See Twitchy item here.

Vaguely insulting

“Guy who has no humor gets upset when people laugh at his lack of humor.” — RedState Editor and FNC Contributor Erick Erickson.




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On the bright side of things…

“Walking the dog when it’s 68 degrees is almost enjoyable.” — Sean Spicer, communications director, RNC, at 6:19 a.m. today.

Hashtag from hell



But Nancy Grace didn’t stop there…