Tesla Model S CONVERTIBLE arrives in time for summer

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor

The world’s hottest-selling electric car just got cool upgrade just in time for summer thanks to Newport Convertible Engineering, which is offering both soft and hard-top convertible conversions for the Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S convertible NCE2

Neither mod comes cheap, with the soft-top conversion priced at $29,000 and the hard-top for $49,000, but if you can swing even a base-Model S at more than $76,000, that might not be a huge deterrent.

Interested parties have to supply their own Model S, for which there’s been a lengthy waiting list since the car’s debut, but NCE recently announced it’s requested assistance from Tesla to pick up 5,000 units to meet demand.

According to NCE the company’s been working with Tesla directly to perfect the mod for the last six months, and an investor from China has already placed an order for 100 converted models. An official partnership announcement is expected Friday.

While the modification will no doubt be perfect for green freaks cruising the highway with mother nature’s breath in their hair, performance nuts beware — according to TechCrunch, such mods often require extensive body work resulting in extra weight, which could put a bit of a drag on Tesla’s notable speed, acceleration, and significant battery-pack weight.

Production is slated to begin July 2014 at NCE locations in California, Dubai and Barcelona.

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