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Top 10 things that are younger than Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton’s supporters are starting to run into a problem: Not even her staunchest supporters can point to any of her achievements. Besides frequent flyer miles, of course!

So we’re left to assume that her main selling points in 2016 will be her youth and vitality.

With that in mind, here’s a by-no-means-exhaustive list of things that came into being after Hillary was born on October 26, 1947:

10. I Love Lucy (1951)


9. Credit cards (1950)

diners club

8. Computer hard drives (1956)


7. Ronald McDonald (1967)


6. Disneyland (1955)


5. Airbags (1953)


4. Polaroid instant cameras (Nov. ’48)


3. Transistor radios (1954)


2. Color televisions (1954)


1. Weight Watchers (1963)


So there you have it. Hillary 2016!

Oh, and before you start squalling about “ageism,” Hillary fans, remember this campaign ad from ’08?

Yeah, McCain has a bit of trouble using computers and other electronic devices because of his YEARS OF TORTURE IN VIETNAM.

Not to mention that McCain was 72 when he ran for president in 2008. On election day 2016, Hillary Clinton will be 69. Why, she’s a spring chicken!

Of course, any attempt to bring up her age as a negative, as was done with McCain throughout his campaign, will be considered off-limits. That’s because she’s a Democrat, and the media wants her to win. Even if it means abandoning their old standards, which weren’t really standards at all.

Simple as that.

(Hat tip: Eric Owens)